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It’s About Time!

After years of dormancy, it’s time to

inject a little life back into CHIPSTER.NET.

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I cobbled together an Illegal Gambling Matchbooks research guide.  Its available for free in the Publishings section.  I have also included other material such as the presentation from the Illegal Seminar of the Year given by myself and Gene Trimble at the 2012 CC&GTCC Convention


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Illegal Matchbooks

(Sept 2012)

Illegal Seminar of the Year 2012

Illegal Seminar of the Year

(Convention 2012)

After years of dormancy, I’ve finally decided to relaunch  I have no idea what I’m doing yet nor how much time I will be able to dedicate, but I would like to think I could slice out some time to keeping new content flowing.  We’ll see.  ENJOY!